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Money earn easily and fast!!!!


If you certainly liked to earn money, read please this article and obey him please!!! Me he helped and he will also help you! I have found this article on the Internet and I decided to try out sometimes. Some days ago I have the newspapers rummages and bumped, besides, into an article, like these here which said one can earn thousands of euros within a few weeks. The only condition is an investment of 39,30$(30,00 Euro)! I have thought to me which is that any joke article and was as most from myself probably, for the moment doubtfully and thus I read on. Anyway stood there written that one should send 6,55$(5,00 Euro) to each of 6 names and addresses which are given in the article. Then you put to your names to the 6Te place of the list and bottom test the article in at least 2 00 newsgroups. (There are thousands)



No hook, it was this. So, after I have thought thus about it and I have told it for the moment a few people, I played with the thought to try out it. I have thought to me what does it have to do what have I to lose quite largely except 39,30$(30,00 Euro) and 6 stamps? Then, finally, I spent the ridiculous 39,30$(30,00Euro).


NOW ADVISE TIME!!!! Within 7 days I got money by post! I was amazed!!! I have thought to me that would soon end, but there came furthermore money. In my first week I have earned approx. 25.00 EUR. Then at the end of the second week I already had all together more than 1,000.00 EUR! In the third week I have skimmed milk more than 10,000.00 EUR and it became even more!! Now this is my fourth week and, all in all, I have earned about 42,000.00 EUR and it arrives furthermore fast more!! All that with only 39,30$(30.00 EURO) and 6 stamps.



I have put my activities here in instead of spending money on lotto or similar luck plays! Let me tell like this functions and even more importantly, why it functions. Now, NOW best of all you make a copy of this article, so that you have at hand this report also off-line if you need him. I promise You that if you exactly follow the instructions you earn more money than you have thought and in such an easy way! Proposal: Read carefully the whole article!


(Prints out him or loaded him to You down.) Follows the easy instructions and watches with how the money walks in! It is easy. It is legal. And your only investment are 30.00 EUR (plus stamps). IMPORTANTLY: It is no fairy tale; it is not the indecent; it is not unlawful; and virtually no risks exist - it really functions!!! If you keep to everybody of the following rules, you will get something in yields.


PLEASE, NOTABLE: Follows these instructions EXACTLY and 50,000.00 EUR or more within from 20 to 60 days yours can be. This programme is so successful because it is based on the politeness and honesty of the partners. Please, continues this success further if you obey the instructions seriously and carefully. Now it become a part in the mail order business. In this business your product is nothing handy or respectable, it is a service. Your business deals to develop mail lists. Many big enterprises pay of glad courage high sums for high-class lists. However that money they by the mail lists earn is secondary by contrast what people like you and I get if one is on the list. Here 4 easy steps are to the success:


STEP 1: Lie down 6 single pieces of paper rightly and write following on each of these papers: PLEASE, PUT ME ON YOUR MAIL LIST. Under it writes her your e-mail address. Now procures for You 6 single 5.00 EUR(6,55$) - notes. Now you fold the paper around the eurolight (has the purpose that one cannot see him by the envelope. This should prevent theft). As the next you put the paper with the eurolight in an envelope and close this. Now you should lie 6 envelopes before yourself have, in which IN EACH CASE a paper, that supra g. Sentence contains, and an euro-mark five inside should be. Therefore you found just a service. THIS IS LEGAL 1000%! You request for a legitimate service and pay for it! As most from myself, I was very sceptical and anxiously what concerns the legal aspects. Ic H has with the U.S. Post office (1-800-725-2161) demanded and them confirmed to me that it is really legal! (will be probably legal also with us, finally, nothing has still heard forbidden about that. Why also?). Send the envelopes to the to be followed addresses:




(1) Sasha Löffler, Landwehrstr. 56 B, 42699 Solingen, Germany

(2) Alessandra Ullrich, Hauptstr. 91, 01833 Dittersbach, Germany

(3) Alexander Pergande, Baden-Badener Str. 2, 76571 Gagenau Germany

(4) Rocco Endruscheit, Dr.-v.-Gregelstr. 9, 96181 Rauhenebrach, Germany

(5) Otto Faschinger, Haiderweg 9.4202 Kirchschlag, Austria

(6) Hans-Ulrich Fellner, Dorfstr.64, 89584 Ehingen, Germany


STEP 2: Now stroke #1 of the list you on top sees and moves up the other names (the sixth number becomes 5, 5 becomes 4, etc....) and adds YOUR name to the sixth place in the list.


STEP 3: Change in this article so little as possible, only what must be real. He should be preserved very original.


STEP 4: Now publishes bottom test you your supplemental article in at least 200 newsgroups. (I think it gives about 24,000). Everything what you needs 200 are, but thinks, the more you bottom test more money make you! This is consistently legitimate! If you have some doubts, hit under title 18 Sec. In 1302 & 1341 of the post lottery laws after. Keep a copy of these steps and whenever you need money once more, you can use this again and again. PLEASE, remembers that the success of this programme on the honesty and sincerity of the people is based and their conscientious observance of the rules. Only thereby YOU also have what of it!!! If you are serious and honest, this programme will continue to exist and will also have got the money what so many others you own.


REMARK: You should maybe store every name and address of the people who have sent money to You somewhere, e.g., on the computer. You confirm this the GENUINENESS this really a service offers. If now every address was written down or was printed out and the instructions were obeyed carefully, then have been compensated six members as a Listenersteller with 5.00 EUR in each case. Your name will slide in the list upwards and if he has taken over then the position 1 you will get thousands of euro in CASH!!!! What opportunity for only 30.00 EUR (5.00 EUR for each of six people in the above list). Dispatch the envelopes now, add your name there in the list and you are in business!




TAP DANCE 1) you must not write once more the whole article for your own Posting. Chooses mark simply the whole text and, copying'.


Now TAP DANCE 2) Opening an empty Notepad text file and inserts with the order, insertion' the text. Now you can add your name of the list.


TAP DANCE 3) memory your Notepaddatei as a text file. Now you can fall back over and over again on it.


TAP DANCE 4) Using net cape or the Internet Explorer and searches for different newsgroups (On-line forums, massage Boards, chat sides, discussions.)


TAP DANCE 5) visit this massage Boards and poste this article as a news and particularly emphasises this. Simply insert the copied text. Write now still what interesting in the reference line that it is striking. Possibly many should read (It!) it are a click on the post message badge and READY with your first entry! Congratulations.... IT IS THIS!!! Everything what you must make is to jump from a newsgroup to the next and to continue this process. If you are for the moment in the trot, it lasts no longer as 30 seconds for every newsgroup.


A lot of luck and success!!


Please, in all you knows send!! Do not extinguish separate better copy and store!! Banner